hi. my name is kim. i’m travis’ other half. seeing how this is a family blog…here are some things i’ve been thinking about lately…

it strikes me harder at times than others, but i frequently find myself dwelling on thoughts involving the brevity of life.

recently i was talking with a friend about her plans for the future. she is getting married within the next year. she is not your typical girl who gets uber excited about wedding-things and is facing a bit of struggle getting through the planning process. her statements about the whole thing struck me quite in the most startling kind of way. i agreed with her ideals about being with the one you love is the most important part and all the uppity formalities are merely unnecessary extras. (short history about me: if you don’t already know, i had pretty big southern traditional modern style wedding. i’m a visual person and loved the whole process….) so i guess you could say it was a little strange to hear myself say that i agreed with her wholeheartedly. i mean when it comes down to it, all that matters is that you love that person, that you will be together for the rest of your lives and that you vow to love them forever. no one else has to be there. no one has to get dressed up. she was pulling out of life what was the most important to her and discarding the rest. the chaff.  which hilights the whole idea of taking advantage of the important parts of life when it is so fleeting. why waste the time to bother with the bits that fall away…she makes a good point. and i agree with her.

now i didn’t view the planning of my own wedding in that way because i wanted to make a big deal out of it. however i feel like her approach is the way aspects of life can/should be contemplated. life is the chaff. brevitas…..

it’s now a few days later that i am finally finishing this post. but funny thing is that what i’ve been going through is still somewhat l linked to all of the above. not pertaining to wedding things, but life…….next post.


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